Staff Training

It is vitally important that you have highly skilled Technicians working on your Fire Systems.

Extreme Fire are committed to providing a comprehensive training program for all our Employees.

Our Technicians receive intensive in house training and encourage employees to share their knowledge and practical experiences gained over the years in the industry.

We encourage our employees to specialise in specific areas of Fire Protection.

The benefit to you is that the services we provide are from highly skilled technicians, providing the right solutions and knowledge for your essential Fire Services.

Furthermore, we ensure all our Employees have adequate training in Occupational Health and Safety practices and commit to workplace safety.

We are very proud of our low number of employee workplace injuries illustrating our absolute resolve to a safe working environment.

The company encourages and supports it’s employees to engage in a range of outside interests believing that benefits overall to the company in the personal growth of it’s employees are paramount to the strength of the business as it grows into the future.