Society Apartments

Location: Lewisham

Client: Parkview

Details: Installation of the sprinkler system.

Leichhardt Green

Location: Leichhardt

Client: Richards Crooks

Details: Installation of the sprinkler system

Rouse Hill Town Centre Apartments

Location: Rouse Hill

Details: Inspection & Testing, Rectification and Service work

North 34

Location: Parramatta

Details: Installation of Fire Detection and Occupant Warning

Era Apartments

Location: 1 Pacific Place Chatswood

Client: Mirvac

Details: Install Fire Detection & EWIS.
Inspection and Testing service and rectification works

Maestri Towers

Location: Sussex Street Sydney

Details: Inspection and testing, service and all rectification works

Centric Park Central

Client: Cabe

Details: Fire Detection - Ampac Fire Finder Occupant Warning
Ampac EV3000 Fire Sprinklers AS1668 Fire Fan Controls

Kensington Apartments

Location: Kensington

Client: Galpern Electrics

Details: Fire Detection - Inertia 2600 Occupant
Warning - Inertia 50W Fire Fan Controls - to AS1668

Completion: October 2006

Altro Camperdown

Location: Camperdown

Client: Abi Group

Details: Fire Detection - Ampac Fire Finder
Emergency Warning - Ampac EV3000

Completion: June 2005