About Us

Extreme Fire Solutions is a multidiscipline Fire Protection company.

Extreme Fire was founded by Jody Aldag in 1997.

Our experience spans back to 1988 with the following fire companies: Tyco Fire & Safety, Wormald Fire Systems, Fire Control, Inertia Fire Systems, Fire Zone, Commercial Fire Protection and Mercury Engineering.  These years provided the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge allowing us to progress into system design and to build a strong service base for all business.

Being a family owned business, we guarantee personalised service and above all we pride ourselves on our quality of work, customer service and attention to detail.  We are a reliable and personalised service company.

Extreme Fire Solutions has been built on the underlying core value of uncompromising personal service where our focus is listening to our customers and delivering.

This core value is very important to us, it flows through everything we do.

The main benefit to you is that you will be dealing with an organisation that cares about every aspect of our relationship.

You in affect become part of our family and we treat you as such.

Vision Statement

To be one of the top five providers of essential services throughout NSW

Mission Statement

To provide uncompromising personal service

Our Purpose Statement

  • We design, install and maintain all essential services
  • We are committed to being a major competitor
  • We are committed to the continuous improvement of our business with a major concentration on the development of our people, service to our customers and the quality of products we provided.

The above statements encompass the philosophy and strategy by which Extreme Fire Solutions exists and will continue to grow

Our Values

  • We have trust and respect for individuals
    We approach each situation with the understanding that our people want to do a good job, and will do so, given the proper tools and support. We attract highly capable, innovative people and recognize their efforts and contributions to the Company. Extreme Fire Solutions staff contribute enthusiastically, and share in the success they make possible.
  • We focus on a high level of achievement and contribution
    Our Customers expect Extreme Fire Solutions services to be of highest quality. To achieve this, all Extreme Fire Solutions people (especially Managers), must be leaders who generate enthusiasm, and respond with extra effort to meet or exceed Customer expectations. Techniques and management practices, which are effective today, may be outdated in the future; for us to continually improve our competitive edge in all our activities, staff should always be looking for new and better ways to perform their work.
  • We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity
    We expect Extreme Fire Solutions people to be open and honest in their dealings to earn trust and loyalty of others. People at every level are expected to adhere to the highest standards of business ethics and must understand that anything less is totally unacceptable. Ethical conduct is not something which is intended to be policed, it is an integral part of the organisation, and is deeply ingrained within our people.
  • We achieve our common objectives through teamwork
    We realise that it is only through effective co-operation among our staff, and between our customers, our suppliers, and authorities in the industry that we can achieve our goals. Our commitment is to work as a team to fulfill the expectations of our customers and others that depend on us. The benefits and obligations of doing business are shared amongst all Extreme Fire Solutions staff.
  • We encourage flexibility and innovation
    We create a work environment which supports the diversity of our staff and their ideas. We strive for overall objectives which are clearly stated and agreed upon, and allow our staff flexibility in working toward goals in ways which they help determine are best for the organisation. Extreme Fire Solutions staff personally accept responsibility and are encouraged to improve their skills and capabilities through ongoing training and development. This is especially important in a technical business where rate of technical change is rapid, and where people are expected to adapt to change quickly.

Our Objectives

  • Profit
    To achieve sufficient profit to finance our Company growth and to provide the resources we need to achieve our other corporate objectives.
  •  Customers
    To provide services of the highest quality and reliability to achieve a perception by our Customers that Extreme Fire Solutions consistently provides a high level of service, and value for money, and therefore ensuring Extreme Fire Solutions Customers are retained both now, and into the future.
  •  Growth
    To let our growth only be limited by our profits and ability to develop and produce innovative products and services that satisfy real Customer needs.
  • Our Staff
    To help Extreme Fire Solutions Staff share in the company’s success which they make possible; to provide employment security based on their performance; to provide them a safe and pleasant work environment; to recognise their individual achievements; and to help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work.
  •  Management
    To foster initiative, creativity, and teamwork by allowing the individuals and teams great freedom of action in attaining well defined objectives.

Our Goal

The overall goal of the company is to make a profit now as well as in the future

It is not possible to reach a goal without defining the boundaries within which we can attempt to reach it. For example, we cannot attempt to reach the goal at any expense, the goal does not justify the means to achieve it at any expense of others. Therefore, to achieve the goal, we need to define the necessary conditions we are not allowed to violate, this is the framework we are bound to.

  • Condition One
    A goal cannot be reached with disgruntled, unhappy employees, this would be in direct conflict with achieving the goal. Therefore, condition one is, ‘In order to make a profit now as well as in the future, we must provide a secure and satisfying environment for employees now as well as in the future’.
  • Condition Two
    A goal cannot be reached with disgruntled, unhappy Customers, this would also be in direct conflict with achieving the goal of the Company. For example, if everyone in the Company chose to pursue the Company goal in isolation of any other conditions, then our staff would be motivated to ‘take advantage of customers’ at every given opportunity to make more profit, this would be in direct conflict with achieving our goal. In this example, if our staff took advantage of our customers to make more profit, we may well make more money now, but not in the future, because we would eventually lose the customer.Therefore, condition two is, ‘In order to make a profit now as well as in the future, we must provide satisfaction to our Customers now, as well as in the future’.

The above conditions supplement the goal, and cannot be violated in pursuit of the goal. The challenge for everyone at Extreme Fire Solutions is to focus on all aspects of the business that contribute towards the goal, within the framework that has been defined above.

Our Strategies and Practices

  • Education, training and development
    We believe that education, training and development is a critical success factor, and is the very foundation for the success of the Company, and its people. We consider our staff to be our most valuable resource, and will invest time, effort and dollars in all development aspects of our staff in order that Company objectives be met, and personal satisfaction can be enjoyed from the achievements that follow.
  • Providing the proper tools
    We will ensure our staff are provided with the proper tools to carry out their respective roles in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Sharing and dissemination of information
    All relevant and timely information will be shared with our Staff. Our people will have the necessary tools and processes in order to inform themselves, and so they can in turn keep Customers informed. Customers will be kept ‘up to date’ with the latest information and uses for Extreme Fire Solutions products and services, and will be provided information about the Company as necessary.
  • Continuous improvement
    A focus on ‘continuous improvement with the Customer in mind’ in all aspects of doing business and designing work processes. This is lead by the management team, and our staff are encouraged to participate in the process of improving processes. Managers play the role of team facilitator, and recognise that the staff ‘doing the job’ are the best people to develop and design the work processes. Cross – functional teams are widely used to achieve this.
  • Quality Assurance
    Is utilised as our ‘peg in the ground’. It is the basis for ‘continuous improvement’, not the end of a process. All processes are continually assessed and re-assessed for improvement. The QA is utilised as the documented part of work processes by the use of flow charts. Everyone knows where they fit into the process, and who is dependent upon the quality of their work output. All our staff are encouraged by management to contribute to the continual improvement of the work processes.
  • Open door policy
    All our staff are assured that no adverse consequences will result from responsibly raising issues with Management, or with each other. Trust and integrity are important aspects of the ‘open door policy’. A mistake has not been made until a staff member decides not to do anything about it.