Extreme Fire Solutions has trained technicians who conduct regular maintenance as per AS1851:2012.

We also offer 24 hours 7 days a week emergency service on 1300 88 5259.

If you are faced with an emergency at any time, we guarantee to be there within 2 hours or less.

All calls between 7.00am – 5.00pm are taken by our office and after hours the call is diverted directly to the Technicians on call.

Defect Liability Period

After the construction of a new building has been completed, there is a period of Defect Liability which in affect is a warranty period to safeguard the Building owner in the event of any works not being of an acceptable standard.

It is good practice towards the end of this period to engage the services of a competent Fire Services contractor to ensure the installation is acceptable and compliant.

Of particular importance for example is to ensure Fire Doors have been installed correctly.  They can easily be installed incorrectly with inconsistent margins.